Hadassah Lieberman

Hadassah Lieberman Event

Please join us on Tuesday, June 9th for a special webinar featuring AFBIU board member

Hadassah Lieberman

in a most unique interview

Tuesday June 9th, 2021

12 PM Eastern Time
11 AM Central Time
10 AM Mountain Time
9 AM Pacific Time

Hadassah Lieberman and Miriam L. Wallach

Hadassah Lieberman and Miriam Wallach will be discussing the new book: Hadassah – An American Story.

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Hadassah Lieberman -credit Ary Freilich

About Hadassah Lieberman

Born in Prague to Holocaust survivors, Hadassah Lieberman and her family immigrated in 1949 to the United States. She went on to earn a BA from Boston University in government and dramatics and an MA in international relations and American government from Northeastern University. She built a career devoted largely to public health that has included positions at Lehman Brothers, Pfizer, and the National Research Council. After her first marriage ended in divorce, she married Joe Lieberman, a US senator from Connecticut who was the Democratic nominee for vice president with Al Gore and would go on to run for president.

Miriam L. Wallach

About Miriam Wallach

Miriam L. Wallach, M.S.ed, M.A. is the General Manager of The Nachum Segal Network. She is the producer and co-host of the popular morning show “JM In The AM.”
She began her career with NSN as a host and producer before being named GM. A frequent contributor on FOX Business, Miriam is also a media consultant and hosts the radio program “That’s Life”, named for her successful newspaper column and blog.

Hadassah: An American Story - book cover

About Hadassah: An American Story

“Lieberman’s new memoir is a candid, thoughtful, and moving account of her journey from war-shattered Czechoslovakia to the heights of US politics. Its pages capture Hadassah’s love of family, respect for tradition, and deep devotion to her adopted country. As a fellow immigrant, I am glad she is sharing her story of pursuing, and achieving, the American dream.”
— Madeleine K Albright

“Hadassah’s story resonates with all immigrants regardless of where they came from or when. Her beautifully written memoir is moving and inspirational. It will make you cry; it will make you laugh. It is a uniquely American story and her journey is now a part of our history.”
— Elaine L Chao, former US Secretary of Labor

“Drawing on both her personal and familial experiences, Lieberman has written a moving and insightful memoir that speaks on the nature of faith, the importance of personal history, and the individual commitment that democracy requires.”
— Henry A Kissinger

“Lieberman’s story is an American dream. A child of Holocaust survivors and a committed Jew, she became a witness to the topmost reaches of American political life, almost becoming the ‘Second Lady’ of the United States. It was an unbelievable saga, and she takes the reader along with her as she looks back on that journey.”
— Deborah Lipstadt, Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies, Emory University

“My work in search of the tragic fate of Ukrainian Jews, as well as other victims of the Nazi war machine, has been sobering. Nonetheless, it is important to continue with this effort, to learn what we can, to listen to survivor testimony, and to bear witness. This is exactly what Lieberman has marvelously done in her amazing and moving book recounting her family’s experiences during the Second World War. A book for young generations to read, to stay awake and to stay strong!”
— Father Patrick Desbois, founder and president of Yahad-In Unum and author of The Holocaust by Bullets

“Lieberman has a unique story to share…Intriguing…Moving.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Whether writing about marriage, motherhood, illness, being on the campaign trail or an official visit to the concentration camps, Lieberman expresses herself with honesty, dignity, heart and wisdom.”
— Jewish Journal

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