From ideation to actualization
The success of Israeli research is demonstrated by Israel’s many scientific breakthroughs.
Bar-Ilan University is making great strides and significant advances, catapulting the University to the forefront of cutting-edge research and scientific technology. Bar-Ilan students work under the supervision and guidance of world-renowned professors and scientists, so that they can become the next generation of leaders in Israel’s scientific and medical sectors.

Currently in development: a promising new vaccine for Alzheimer’s patients; gold nano particles for early diagnosis and treatment of cancer and arteriosclerosis; and extraordinary contact lenses that may bring sight to the visually impaired.

Israel has one of the world’s highest per-capita ratios of scientists. Countries around the world have all benefited from the discoveries and innovations of Israel’s scientific genius – and Bar-Ilan University has been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of these advancements.

“At Bar-Ilan, I’m mainly continuing my research on multi-robot systems which can be employed in dangerous situations. Robots can work autonomously as a team to achieve a goal together as efficiently as possible.”
Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Computer Science & CyberSecurity

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