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A Colorful Video Introduction to Bar-Ilan University


Bar-Ilan University, founded in 1955, was one of the first comprehensive research universities to be established in Israel. From 70 students to 17,000, its milestone achievements in the sciences and humanities have made an indelible imprint on the character of the State of Israel. BIU maintains 8 faculties, four of which focus on STEM research and are active partners in national science and technology initiatives.

Bar-Ilan President Prof. Arie Zaban

Bar-Ilan President
Prof. Arie Zaban

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BIU’s mission is: “Impact beyond Excellence,” and is currently in a vibrant transformational period of creating challenge-driven research centers designed to change and improve the human experience; adopting innovative instructional methods; intensifying global outreach; and broadening its discourse and dialogue throughout Israel and the world.

The University’s student body represents a mosaic of the State of Israel and a growing international delegation. BIU’s academic faculty and administrative staff are likewise multi-faceted, providing a unique atmosphere for open exchange of ideas. Diversity and tolerance are key at BIU.

BIU provides its students with “wings and roots” – the wings to ‘fly’ academically and roots that offer firm moral and ethical context to all they strive to accomplish. Students formally engage the rich ethical heritage of the Jewish people, even as they are encouraged to take part in a vast array of projects that “give back” to vulnerable populations on campus and within the wider community. It is this ability to fuse a reverence for Jewish legacy and heritage with the rigors of academic study which makes Bar-Ilan University like no other.


The critical support of the American Friends of Bar-Ilan University (AFBIU) has made Bar-Ilan University what it is today – a bastion of Jewish Studies and a world leader in Medicine, Cybersecurity, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

Established sixty years ago, AFBIU develops vital philanthropic support for this unique university. The generosity of its donors transforms dreams into realities. It funds state-of-the-art facilities and academic projects. It helps attract preeminent faculty. And it offers opportunities to support unparalleled academic advancements, while promoting an appreciation of Jewish heritage and the Jewish state.

AFBIU is an essential partner in Bar-Ilan University’s development. AFBIU invites those who seek to profoundly impact the institution and welcomes those who seek to invest in the leaders of tomorrow.

American Friends of Bar-Ilan University (AFBIU) is a recognized 501(c)(3) public charity as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.


Home to a microcosm of Israeli society, Bar-Ilan University’s student body includes religious and secular Jews, non-Jews, immigrants and international visitors. The multicultural environment encourages free thought and open discussion while providing an education steeped in Jewish values. Students interact with faculty in lively and animated dialogues, conferences and lectures. Over 100,000 Bar-Ilan University alumni are working in vast and varied sectors, invigorating Israeli society. Each represents the spirit of education and tolerance they learned on the grounds of Israel’s “most beautiful campus”.

State-of-the-art facilities cater to students’ every need, from compatible and inviting dormitories to quality on-site child care. A major new sports complex and additional high-rise dormitories are being developed. A “Green Council” was established in order to promote environmental activities across the campus. The Bar-Ilan campus is a sprawling site that includes 80 buildings, 24 libraries and over 300 laboratories on its grounds. With sustainable landscapes, reflective water fountains and futuristic buildings, the distinct design of the award-winning Ramat Gan Campus is as forward-thinking and diverse as its campus population.


Bar-Ilan offers stimulating university courses, inspirational Jewish learning, a vibrant and impressive faculty and a multi-faceted experience. The University provides an international MBA in English, within an intensive 14-month degree program for qualified students from the United States and around the world.




Alan Zekelman, Chairman
Ronnie Stern, President
Gail Propp, Secretary
Steven P. Rosenberg, Treasurer

Vice Presidents

Drew Parker
Gail Propp
Ingeborg Rennert
Steven P. Rosenberg

Executive Staff
Jessica Feldan, Chief Executive Officer
Susan Solomon, Chief Operating Officer
Daniel B Engel, Controller

Regional Staff
Melina Gimal, Southeast Region
Rebecca Goodman, Midwest Region
Beth Gorin, East Coast Region
Jennifer Zwiebel, East Coast Region
Jenny Lavey, West Coast Region

Honorary Officers
S. Daniel Abraham, Honorary Chairman of the Board
Michael Jesselson, Honorary President
Jane Stern Lebell, Honorary President
Peter Rzepka, Honorary President
Moshael J. Straus, Honorary President

Board of Overseers

S. Daniel Abraham
Lolly Bak
Jonathan Blinken
Jack Burstein
Susanne Czuker
Nissim Dahan
Abby Doft
Daniel Gildin
Ambassador Dore Gold
Eric Gomberg
Naomi Hass-Perlman
Eleazer Hirmes
Laurie Moskowitz Hirsch
Stephen Hoffman
Robin Jacobs
Michael Jesselson
Harvey Kaminski
Daniel Krasner
Jane Stern Lebell
Frank Lee
Hadassah Lieberman
Senator Joseph I. Lieberman z”l

Dr. Michael Maling
Robert Nusbaum
Fred Ohebshalom
Drew Parker
Ophira Platt
Gail Propp
Ingeborg Rennert
Ira Leon Rennert
Steven P. Rosenberg
Nina Rosenwald
Peter Rzepka
David Sable
Larry Schantz
Jay Schottenstein
Bernice Schwartz
Ronnie Stern
Moshael J. Straus
Marion Waxman
Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg
Alan Zekelman

Honorary Overseers

Matthew J. Maryles


“We have established this institution of higher learning to contribute to the spiritual and cultural development of the State of Israel, as well as to strengthen that of Diaspora Jewry.”


Founding BIU President, in a letter to David Ben-Gurion, 1955

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