We Have Your Back

Focus on the battle. Win the war.
We are taking care of your future.

Over 5,000‭ ‬Bar-Ilan students have been called to the front lines to protect our country and our people‭. ‬These students bear the‭ ‬weight of not only fighting for Israel’s survival‭, ‬but also the burden of concern for their future‭.‬

They’re distressed about how they’ll pay for tuition and if they can manage their rent‭. ‬Our students are worried their dream of higher education will be lost‭.‬

We need to give them peace of mind so that they can concentrate on the battle ahead‭.‬

It is now‭ ‬our mission‭ ‬to create a financial lifeline so our students can fully focus on‭ ‬their mission‭.‬‭ ‬

We are saying to them‭ “‬Don’t Worry‭! ‬
We have your back‭”.‬

Join Us.

Back our students on the front line.

CA residents:
To make a donation or payment please call Jenny Lavey at (323)385-3690

Our War Reponse

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