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On The Trail Of Goliath

Prof. Aren Maeir has dug up some remarkable findings from the home of Goliath, and this archaeologist is pretty remarkable himself.

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Zoo Rabbi Biblical Animals

September 2015

Rabbi Natan Slifkin began his life-long passion for animals when he was a small child. His keen interest has never diminished. In fact, at age 40 it has intensified. Today, he is known as the “zoo rabbi.”

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Goliath Gate

August 2015

A large contingent of Americans took part in an historic experience as part of the volunteer team that discovered the fortifications and entrance gate of the biblical city of Gath of the Philistines, home of Goliath and the largest city in the land during the 10th-9th century BCE.

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A Mass Grave 70 Years Later

August 2011

The New York Times Op-Ed on “A Mass Grave, 70 Years Later,” which appeared on August 10th 2011, is a powerful personal account of how the author set out from Israel to Ukraine to trace his ancestors. It was written by Mordechai I. Twersky.

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