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Zoo Rabbi Biblical Animals

September 2015

Rabbi Natan Slifkin began his life-long passion for animals when he was a small child. His keen interest has never diminished. In fact, at age 40 it has intensified. Today, he is known as the “zoo rabbi.”

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Sperber Why Modern Orthodoxy is True Orthodoxy

November 2012

Never one to shy away from taking on challenging issues within Orthodox Jewry, world-renowned Talmud scholar at Bar-Ilan University Rabbi Prof. Daniel Sperber spoke to an overflow crowd on October 18th at The Jewish Center in New York City about “Why Modern Orthodoxy is True Orthodoxy.”

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Soloveitchik Conference

August 2012

Bar-Ilan University in Israel and Yeshiva University (YU) bring together academics and rabbis to discuss the impact of the thoughts of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, a major proponent of Torah Umadda, combining the best of Torah scholarship with the best of secular wisdom.

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Reconstructing The Bible

July 2012

Prof. Menachem Cohen has no doubt that all Hebrew Bibles sitting on bookshelves in Jewish homes around the world contain errors. Sometimes scores, sometimes hundreds. For the most part these are not dramatic mistakes: the absence of the letter yod, an incorrect diacritical mark or cantillation note.

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