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Keilim Shluvim Program Award

December 2020

The Israeli government awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to Keilim Shluvim, Bar-Ilan’s extraordinary program that uses music to foster communication between music students and autistic kids, at-risk teens, and other marginalized populations.

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Havlin Wins Israel Prize In Physics

2018 Board of Trustees Issue

Distinguished Bar-Ilan University Professor Schlomo Havlin has been awarded the prestigious Israel Prize In Physics. The prize committee noted that “of all Israeli scientists, Prof. Havlin is the most cited by scientists around the world.”

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Bike Sharing at BIU

December 2017

Chinese bike sharing company Ofo has now entered Israel and the company has launched its short trip Bike sharing service at Bar-Ilan University in the Tel Aviv District, Ramat Gan.

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Playing with SQUIDs

August 17, 2017

Why was a nice Jewish boy from Teaneck handling SQUIDs for seven weeks this summer? Don’t worry. He wasn’t working with the decidedly non-kosher shellfish. Ari Krischer was working in Dr. Beena Kalisky’s lab at Bar-Ilan, testing superconducting quantum interference devices.

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An essential partner in Bar-Ilan University’s development, American Friends of Bar-Ilan University provides vital philanthropic support for one of the fastest growing institutions of higher education in Israel.



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